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FINALLY!!! We get our trailers of what the new season of Ninjago looks like!!! YAY!!!!!! The previews were revealed on thebrickfan recently! Here they are!

YAY! Good news! Even though I wouldn't even call it news...

ANYWAY I just wanted to share some of my Ninjago customs with you guys, so here they are!

WE NEED NEWS!!! If anybody has ANY exciting LEGO news, then tell us here and we'll post some news in the forum or here for you!
Get searching and writing! Congrats to GrεεηNιηjαςGιrlFrιεηδ for winning over everyone's favorite, Lloyd Garmadon! Be sure to log in with an account and picture(check mine out, it's a custom half-face-torn-off Zane)! Random news is the best...
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OHMIGOSH!!! It's coming December 15th! It's fast! It's sleek! It's technical! It's Ninjago 2014! In this blog post, pour ALL your thoughts(including what you have heard) out on the screen. I will also be telling information and theories, but first! We have our new set list! That includes:

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    Ok! Ok! Ninjago is-a-coming! 2013 December 15th! Look at the post!


    October 2013